PSFMR Euron Summer School - Perception And sensor fusion in mobile robotics

2nd Summer School on
Perception and Sensor Fusion in
obile Robotics

September 11÷16, 2006 – Fermo, Italy

PSFMR 2006
supported by

Prof. Primo Zingaretti
phone: +39-071-2204.899
fax: +39-071-2204.474

Dr. Ing. Emanuele Frontoni,
phone: +39-071-2204.666
fax: +39-071-2204.474

PSFMR 2005




In the spirit of guaranteeing a sound distribution between male and female and among countries the admission of the 30 participants at the special fee of 250 euro (thanks to EURON and BACS support) will be in the order of on line registration (submission of the form below), provided that the following constrains are satisfied:

1) a maximum of 22 school participants are of the same gender ;

2) a maximum of 10 school participants come from the same country ;

3) no other school participant comes from the same Institution ;

4) students coming from EURON member institutions will have precedence.

Once the candidates at the special registration fee will be contacted by the PSFMR secretariat, they will have a period of one week to confirm their registration with the payment of the 250 euro. Otherwise, the next candidate in the ordered list will be contacted.

Additional 10 school participants will be selected in the order of on line registration without any other constraint that the payment of the unsupported registration fee within one week from the communication, by the PSFMR secretariat, of their conditional admission to the school.

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Università Politecnica delle Marche
D.I.I.G.A. - Dip. Ingegneria Informatica, Gestionale e dell'Automazione
via Brecce Bianche - 60131 Ancona - Italy

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